Category: Reframing

  • Week #10: Curiosity

    I had a fun week. Curiosity, I found, is almost always a great lens to go with. Replace any negative emotion with curiosity and it leads you to a better … Read more

  • Week #9: Experimentation

    I picked the right value for the week. There were a lot of firsts for me which I found easy to embrace thanks to the lens of experimentation. Here are … Read more

  • Week #7: Engagement

    The power of engagement is that it gives us a deeper, richer experience of life. With recent events highlighting the importance of this value in my life, I’m glad that … Read more

  • All feelings are valid and you’re inherently worthy

    My friend Febin said something yesterday regarding parenting which really hit home. She said that when we raise kids, we think they are deserving of love but we don’t think … Read more

  • Week #6: Equanimity

    It was a beautiful week. There are no words to describe how beautiful. What’s more, I felt like I truly understood what it feels like to be equanimous. To be … Read more

  • Amp up your JOMO!

    I came across this term today and found it both amusing and apt. defines JOMO [ joh-moh ] as, “a feeling of contentment with one’s own pursuits and activities, … Read more

  • Everything is in your head

    I was talking to my dear friend and coach Dimi yesterday. I remarked on how I’d exercised my courage plenty of times over the last couple of weeks and none … Read more

  • Recognizing and owning your views

    Someone I was developing a deep bond with recently shared some extremely controversial views on the subjects of rape, incest, children engaging in sexual activities with adults, etc. I found … Read more

  • The permission to obsess

    Every time I’ve had a major breakthrough in my life or met with massive success was when I obsessed over something. Whenever I allow myself to go deep into something … Read more

  • Just f*cking let go

    Sometimes the solution is to just f*cking let go. Don’t analyze. Don’t reminisce. Don’t chew and chew until there’s nothing left to chew but you’re still chewing. Because you’ve gotten … Read more