Ranjana TN

Week #6: Equanimity

It was a beautiful week. There are no words to describe how beautiful. What’s more, I felt like I truly understood what it feels like to be equanimous. To be fully present, really taking in my reality. On Tuesday, I felt like I was experiencing mindfulness in motion. I felt the effects carry over to Wednesday also. On all the days, I also meditated as promised. Additionally, just reminding myself to take things as they come and not assign meanings to them helped me practice equanimity at least to some extent.

Value for Week #7

I’m realising the importance of engaging deeply with life. You could call it staying present or mindfulness, but I chose engagement because it feels all-encompassing. This week, I am reminding myself to pay attention to whatever I’m doing fully and immerse myself in it.

The other meaning I’m giving to engagement is being engaged to myself. I see that as committing to Ranjana; being invested in her growth and happiness for life. At the end of every day, I’m to asking myself, “was Ranjana happy today? In other words, I will engage with me and make sure that I’m my #1 priority.