Ranjana TN

Week #9: Experimentation

I picked the right value for the week. There were a lot of firsts for me which I found easy to embrace thanks to the lens of experimentation. Here are a few things I experimented with this week:

  • Doing Amplify first thing in the morning. I also experimented with sitting on the rooftop under the shade of our mango tree. It’s bright and sunny these days with green trees and blue skies. It’s the perfect environment for doing the lessons and exercises.
  • Doing a progress log together with my friend Guido. I’ve never done this sort of thing before and it has been super fun and rewarding!
  • Creating a cover design for a journal from scratch by myself using Affinity Publisher which I think turned out okay. I’m not disappointed.
  • Creating a list of experiments to run in my business which I’ve started implementing.

It’s amazing how easy and frictionless things become when you view them as experiments. I enjoyed this week so much that I want to keep riding the wave. This is why I’m picking another value that complements this value.

Value for week #10

Curiosity is the value I’m going with! It seems perfect given all the exploration I’m doing right now. I feel like this lens will serve me best if I have it on at all times, so the trick will be to remind myself of it several times during the day.