Tag: Childrens stories

  • Steve’s lemon tree

    When Steve moved into his new suburban house with his parents, he was really excited to see the size of the backyard! It was huge and lined along its walls … Read more

  • Fikri learns teamwork

    Fikri was a smart pixie. He learnt how to make pixie dust quickly and was one of the fastest workers in Pixieville. He took great pride in the work he … Read more

  • Jealous little Miriam

    Miriam was a jealous little girl. Her family was rather poor so her parents couldn’t afford new toys. She would often feel envious of the other children’s dolls and pretty … Read more

  • Orderly and Pell-mell

    Orderly and Pell-mell were neighbours in dwarfland. True to their names, Orderly was the most organized dwarf while Pell-mell was the most unplanned and untidy dwarf ever. All houses in … Read more

  • The old man and the little doggie

    The old man lived all by himself in a tiny house at the corner of the street. He had a smiley round face and walked with a slight limp. Whenever … Read more

  • Dia of Dacior – Part 4

    Dia didn’t sleep well that night. She tossed and turned, restless like the sea that churned miles behind the castle under the cloudy, starless sky.

    “I really want to be … Read more

  • Dia of Dacior – Part 3

    Daius had just got back from Abristan when he heard from his father that Reba of the Huba tribe had been chosen as Dacior’s representative in archery. As someone who … Read more

  • Dia of Dacior – Part 2

    Dacior was abuzz with excitement. Dacior was hosting the Septimus games after 70 years. The Septimus games were the most prestigious and competitive games held every 10 years between the … Read more

  • Dia of Dacior – Part 1

    Princess Dia was the daughter of King Siam and Queen Laina of Dacior. She had a brother, Darius, who was 10 years older than she. Queen Laina passed away when … Read more

  • Clever little Teddy!

    It was a clear bright summer night. The moon was full and cast a pearly sheen on the village of Girelock. Teddy, the brave little dwarf, very quietly left his … Read more