Tag: Childrens stories

  • Salim learns to have fun!

    Salim was a hardworking little pixie. You would find him working away in his little paint shop day and night. He tried to be as efficient as possible; he had … Read more

  • The magic diary

    Pearl was the sweetest, kindest, and happiest little fairy in fairyland. One day as she flew down to the mango grove to pick some ripe mangoes, she saw something shimmering … Read more

  • Florian learns Elvish!

    Florian was a little wizard who was having trouble learning Elvish. When the monthly test scores were announced, he crowded around the notice board along with his classmates. His eyes … Read more

  • The little girl who found courage

    The timid little girl set off into the forest early in the morning determined to find courage. It was rumored that courage lived at the edge of the forest in … Read more