Clever little Teddy!

It was a clear bright summer night. The moon was full and cast a pearly sheen on the village of Girelock. Teddy, the brave little dwarf, very quietly left his little house. He looked serious and carried a little sack on his back.

He came to the outskirts of the city and entered the enchanted forest. As he walked along the moonlit path, he sang:

Moon, shining moon
Keeping me company
On cold, cold nights
You do shine bright

As I walk down the road
Through the woods and the moor
You smile down at me
White and pearly

You are a dear friend
Please be with me until the end
I have to walk for hours three
Until I reach the magic peach tree!

The moon seemed to smile more brightly on him and he felt comforted. He had a long way to go that night to reach the magic peach tree! He was a little afraid of the dark and the trees seemed to cast ominous shadows. But he was determined to keep going!

Why was Teddy so serious? You see, his little pet turtle, Green Prince, was sick! When he’d shown him to the vet that night, he’d told him, “Teddy, you need to make him eat a peach from the peach tree at the edge of the enchanted forest by daybreak. That’s the only thing that will save him! But be careful of the bratty bats in the forest! They try to rob travelers of the peaches since they love to eat them and are not allowed near the tree!”

“Thanks for the heads up, Mr. Vet! I’ll be careful”, said Teddy as he picked up his little sack with a sandwich, some water, and some money, just in case. Interestingly, Teddy’s mother had prepared a peach sandwich for him! So the sandwich had a thick later of peach inside it.

The path was easy enough to follow in the moonlight. He was glad that he didn’t meet any bats or squiggly worms on his way to the peach tree! He reached it just past midnight. The peaches were glimmering silver. Teddy put his hands on the trunk of the tree, hung his head as if in prayer, and said softly, “Dear Peach tree. My little pet turtle, Green Prince, is sick. The vet says that the only way to save him is to make him eat your peach. Could you please give me one? I would be ever so grateful”, he requested.

The peach tree glowed silver and dropped a peach right into the palm of Teddy’s right hand! Teddy said, “Oh, thank you, dear magic peach tree! Thank you!” and hurried away. He wasn’t even halfway through the forest when 3 large black bratty bats swooped right down, blocking his path! The one in the middle said in a low growl, “why, young dwarf! We saw you going to the peach tree! Hand over the peach to us right now! Or else!”

Teddy was scared. But he also knew that he couldn’t give them his precious peach! Then suddenly he had an idea! He knew that the bats couldn’t smell…so he pulled out his sandwich and said, “Here, bats. I’ve put the peach inside this sandwich! It tastes really good!”

The bats saw that the sandwich indeed had a thick layer of peach. So they plucked it right out of Teddy’s trembling hands and flew away!

“Whew! What a narrow escape!”, thought Teddy. “I had better hurry back home before the bats realise that the sandwich doesn’t have the magic peach in it!” The moon, understanding that he needed to get home quickly, shone brighter and illuminated the path he had to take brightly.

“Thank you, moon!”, thought Teddy and ran all the way home! He didn’t stop until he reached his little cottage. Just as he reached his house, the sun roze over the horizon.

“It’s daybreak! I had better hurry up and give the peach to little Green Prince!”, thought Teddy. He opened the turtle’s little mouth and inserted a small piece of the magic peach.

And what do you know! Green prince’s tiny eyes fluttered open! He was well once again!

Teddy gathered his precious little turtle tenderly in both his hands. “Oh Green prince! You’re alive! You’re safe now! Oh I’m so happy!”, he exclaimed with tears of joy running down his eyes.

I’m really happy that Green prince is well too! Wasn’t Teddy the most brave, clever, and kind dwarf ever?

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