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  • 10 Inspiring lessons I learnt from JK Rowling

    Dedicated to my friend Dimitri De Vries.😉

    1. Follow your heart even in the direst of situations. It can never lead you astray. She was on government assistance when she started
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  • Lessons from Selling Sunset

    My friend Dimi got me started on watching Selling Sunset which is a Netflix reality show about real estate agents working for the Oppenheim Group in Los Angles. Apart from … Read more

  • The permission to obsess

    Every time I’ve had a major breakthrough in my life or met with massive success was when I obsessed over something. Whenever I allow myself to go deep into something … Read more

  • Review: The 7-day ‘Follow the joy’ exploration

    It was…an interesting week. 7 days of going with the flow. It was…fun? Yes and no. It was a difficult exploration for me to do. I genuinely thought that the … Read more

  • The one week ‘Follow the joy’ exploration

    There has been an interesting turn of events. It led me to start a 7-day exploration that I want to share with you. But first, let me give you some … Read more

  • We are more similar than different

    I watched the movie Arrival this afternoon which is about aliens who arrive on Earth and how the linguistic professor, Louise Banks, decodes their language to understand what they’re trying … Read more

  • Creative Inspiration

    I used to think that I had to wait for the creative inspiration to write something. I wanted to be one of those who had a brilliant flash of insight … Read more

  • Return to your core

    I’ve shared this before – I’m one of those people who gets quite anxious about seemingly everything. I’m also quite emotional by nature and I get wound up pretty readily. … Read more

  • Becoming a woman of duality

    “Above all, be the heroine of your life, not the victim.”

    – Nora Ephron

    Recommended by a dear friend, I started watching Anne with an E on Netflix yesterday. It’s … Read more

  • Inspire yourself every day

    I think it’s important to inspire yourself every day. You need to find a way to access that inner, higher, more expansive self. When you’re inspired, you’ll be the best … Read more