Ranjana TN

Return to your core

I’ve shared this before – I’m one of those people who gets quite anxious about seemingly everything. I’m also quite emotional by nature and I get wound up pretty readily. It’s been my quest for the last six years to get a better handle on myself. Sometimes I get so caught up in the quagmire of emotions and thoughts that it’s hard to pull myself out. Of course, I have some trusted tricks up my sleeve by now and I continue to discover others.

My most recent discovery has been what I call ‘returning to my core’. This is an idea that’s emerged gradually over the last year or so. It came to me in flashes and over the last few days has really solidified in my mind. Of late, I’ve been taking long walks. I’m currently living with my grandparents (with the ongoing global pandemic and all) in their house which is surrounded by lots of greenery. It’s been raining and everything looks so cleansed and fresh. I love the touch of the cool air against my skin. It’s so deliciously serene that I’ve been walking for 1-1.5 hours every day.

A couple of days ago, I was strolling down the wide road in front of the house under the lush green canopy cover of the trees that line it. It was six in the evening and so beautiful that I felt calmer than I had in months. In the quiet peace of both my head and heart, I was able to notice the general vibe I was broadcasting. It was a mixture of peace, love, optimism, playfulness, kindness, openness, expansiveness, beauty, and oneness. I thought, “This is my core. This is who I really am”. In that state, there was nothing else I wanted, nothing more I cared about than to just be. It felt sacred…yet it was so simple, practical, and real. It felt almost like, common sense. Like this was how I should feel always.

Whenever I’m connected to this core part of me, the world transforms itself. It’s everything I’ve ever wanted it to be. It’s abundant and full of beauty. It’s hard to recall what I was ever worried, angry, upset, or anxious about. It’s hard to think why I’d ever disliked or thought negatively about any person. It’s hard to want to live any other way than with kindness, cooperation, and goodwill. Here are some lines that randomly popped in my head when I was in that state connectedness:

‘Goodwill and the will to do good’

‘Heaven on earth’

‘I am loved’

‘I am love’

‘The universe is always, always on my side’

‘Just laugh!’

‘Life is beautiful’

‘I’m the luckiest person on the planet’

I stopped several times to observe a stray flower, feel the texture of a leaf, peek at a dog curled up on the sidewalk, and listen to the sound of the cuckoo bird. It was as if my surroundings had taken on a magical quality. Had I really been living in such a beautiful place all this time?

I felt cheerful and calm all evening and it carried into most part of the following day. Returning to my core had done a lot of good for my spirit. I’m trying to do this on a daily basis. Right now, I’m sitting on the porch, looking at the most gorgeous sunset. The sky is pink and purple with a lone star twinkling like a sequin. It’s mesmerizing. I know that I’m connected to my core.

I consciously look for things I know will assist me in returning to my core. Usually, it’s nature. But it could just as well be a song, a bird, or someone I love dearly. Reminding myself of who I really am when I’m interacting with others has been working surprisingly well too. I try to load the vibe of love, oneness, and goodwill. When I look at others from that vantage point, I experience a sense of connection and camaraderie. My stance becomes one of trust, playfulness, and curiosity.

I’m also experimenting with written statements that I read each day upon awakening and before retiring at night. These statements include what I want to feel and the state I want to be in. They remind me to return to my core every day.

Remind yourself to return to your core daily. For, from there flows the energy of the universe which makes life take on a magical quality.

A flower I saw and loved 🙂
The absolutely empty road with trees lined on both sides. This was at sunset:)