Ranjana TN

Lessons from Selling Sunset

My friend Dimi got me started on watching Selling Sunset which is a Netflix reality show about real estate agents working for the Oppenheim Group in Los Angles. Apart from the gorgeous homes in LA, I also got a taste for the…err…personalities of the women that sell those houses. Which frankly left me feeling a bit scared.

I found myself enjoying the series a lot, though. And also reflecting on the opulence and abundance and the overt self-confidence of the women (which I mean as a compliment). Seeing what opulence looks like helped me visualise myself in that setting. Seeing how the agents gave zero f*cks about anyone or anything other than what they wanted (close deals and make those 6-figure commissions) was inspiring. That’s not restricted to only these women, though. I’ve seen that time and again in the sales world – and when founders pitched (‘sold’) their startup idea to VCs.

The attitude of ‘I’m going to sell this damn thing no matter what and there’s no soul on this planet that can stop me’ gets you doing all sorts of things that you otherwise wouldn’t. Even being a business owner would build this I think. Because your business becomes your baby and you’ll do anything and everything it takes to make it successful. You won’t care two hoots about what others think. It’s like you have blinders on. You no longer need to ‘work on’ things like limiting beliefs because you just won’t give them air time.

So perhaps it’s all about having one goal or mission and giving it undivided attention and going after it full-force. Everything else – limitations included – are distractions.