Ranjana TN

Inspire yourself every day

I think it’s important to inspire yourself every day. You need to find a way to access that inner, higher, more expansive self. When you’re inspired, you’ll be the best version of you, do your best work, and have the best sense of your purpose. I find that when I don’t inspire myself one way or another every day, I am unable to access that space of creativity and end up looking at life as glass half-empty as opposed to half-full. Here are some ways I find inspiration.

Join a mastermind that will uplift you

I am part of an online creative writing mastermind group that meets every Saturday. Being around people who are passionate about writing and are sculpting themselves as writers just like I am just zaps me with energy. After every meeting, I step out with a reinforced sense of purpose and zeal for my path as a writer. If there’s anything you dearly want for yourself, I’d highly encourage you to find likeminded people who are as, if not more, serious about the pursuit as you. Form a mastermind group. You’ll progress at warp speed towards your goals.

Surround yourself with inspiring people

They don’t need to be from the same background as you. They don’t need to be your closest friends (if they are, that’s awesome). They don’t even need to be known or physically proximate to you. They could actually be a celebrity you listen to every day. They could be your coworkers. They could be an online community of people who are way better than you – people who inspire you to be more. Ensure that your mental bandwidth is allocated to people who frickin’ inspire you.

Watch or listen to something inspiring

Have you ever listened to JK Rowling’s Harvard commencement speech? If you haven’t, do yourself a favour and listen to it right now. You’ll come back with fire in your belly. The other resource that is guaranteed to inspire you is the Impact Theory show. Tom Bilyeu means business and the people he interviews are awe-inspiring. I also love listening to Steve Pavlina’s Stature or Deep Abundance Integration courses. My other favourite is the Tim Ferriss show.

Soak in the expansiveness of nature

I remember standing at the Everest base camp in Oct 2016. Looking at Mt Everest at a distance, I was completely overwhelmed. The sheer expanse and majesty of the Himalayas and the sight of the highest peak in the world showed me the meaning of the phrase ‘a force of nature’. Every day, I take some time to soak in the sunset and feel the vast expanse of the evening sky. There’s something indescribably inspiring about the expansiveness nature.

Read a piece of poetry or writing that’s uplifting

I have a whole bunch of favourite poems. Invictus by Willian Ernest Henley gives a chill down my spine every time I read it. My other absolute favourite poem is a lesser-known one called For My Daughter by Sarah McMane. Here’s the line that sets me on fire and brings tears to my eyes at the same time: “Never grow a wishbone, daughter, where your backbone ought to be.”

There are dozens of other poems that clear the cobwebs from my eyes and connect me to what my true vision is. Apart from poems, I find certain blogs highly inspiring. One of the first blog posts I read by Steve Pavlina is called Do it now. Read it and tell me if it doesn’t make you scramble to work your most important project and see it to the finish now. I’m also a huge fan of Paulo Coelho’s writing. The Alchemist is right on top of my list of most inspiring books.

Grit your teeth and get some sh!t done

Nothing is more inspiring than making meaningful progress toward your goals. How about getting some sh!t done? Sometimes all it takes is to pick up a task and just keep going until it’s done. Be your own hero and inspire yourself.