Category: Habits

  • Week 39 – Rest

    I got more rest this week than I have in the past several weeks (individually, not collectively haha). I slept for more than nine hours almost on a daily basis. … Read more

  • Week #30 – Decisiveness

    It was a painful week. As soon as I made this my value of the week, all the things I was putting off making a decision about came to the … Read more

  • Week #29 – Action

    I had a successful week. Took lots of action and got a bunch of things done:

    1. Published 15 low-content books and 14 of them went live as well. I now
    Read more

  • Week #28 – Fulfilment

    Spending time consciously thinking about what fulfills me was one of the most insightful exercises I’ve done this year. I now have a good understanding of what constitutes fulfilment for … Read more

  • Week #26 – Clarity

    I chose the week’s value well because it led me to become super clear about my Q3 goals. I feel like I’m all set to have a great Q3! A … Read more

  • Week #25 – Accountability

    The week was a success. My intention was to complete a specific, moderate-sized work project. I managed to do that a day in advance which made me feel great. What … Read more

  • Week #24 – Consistency

    I kept up my promise to myself and did the priming exercise every day. I’m going to keep this up as a part of my morning routine going forward too. … Read more

  • Week #23 – Expansion

    I attended Tony Robbins’ Unleash the Power Within event from June 3rd to 6th. My intention was to be open to any form of expansion it might bring about. The … Read more

  • Week #20: Satisfaction

    I enjoyed focusing on satisfaction this week. It was as if I was giving myself the permission to be satisfied. I naturally did more of the things that gave me … Read more

  • Week #19: Harmony

    I’m feeling happy about the way this week panned out. I’d ask myself how I could feel harmony that day and follow through on whatever came up. I ended up … Read more