Ranjana TN

Week #19: Harmony

I’m feeling happy about the way this week panned out. I’d ask myself how I could feel harmony that day and follow through on whatever came up. I ended up doing the following:

  • Posted about my current reality and struggles with the pandemic situation in Bangalore in CGC. That helped me feel like I wasn’t denying my reality and feelings. Getting the overwhelming love and support from the community broke open my heart and immediately made me feel better about everything. The cozy cafe hangout on Sunday further enhanced this.
  • Signed up as a volunteer with a non-profit to help in any way I could with the coronavirus situation. That brought harmony between what I was feeling (like I really wanted to do something) and my actions.
  • I went on long walks every day while listening to Becoming Supernatural by Dr. Joe Dispenza. Interestingly, this book talks about achieving the state of coherence that Steve also talks about in Amplify.
  • I started meditating daily and longer (~20 minutes). It’s interesting that every time I want to bring in more harmony in my inner world, I invariably make meditation a priority. Becoming Supernatural also emphasizes meditation.
  • Decided to get health insurance. It didn’t make sense until now but things have changed given the health climate in the country at present. I’ll be finalizing and buying one this week.

I’m definitely feeling more harmonious now. I liked that I let my inner feelings lead the way instead of trying to force harmony outside-in. When I focused on feeling harmony from within, the external actions I needed to take became apparent.

Value for week #20: Satisfaction

I’d like to feel more satisfied with my days. As I did with last week’s value, I’ll check in with myself to see what would make for a satisfying day and follow through on whatever comes up. I have noticed that I feel the most satisfied when I use the last hour or two of the day either reading or connecting with loved ones. So every day this week, I will use the last few hours of the day exclusively for this.