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  • Everything is in your head

    I was talking to my dear friend and coach Dimi yesterday. I remarked on how I’d exercised my courage plenty of times over the last couple of weeks and none … Read more

  • Conflict Resolution

    I was speaking to my therapist about conflict resolution today. I have a hard time expressing myself when I have a contrarian opinion with people who are close to me. … Read more

  • Recognizing and owning your views

    Someone I was developing a deep bond with recently shared some extremely controversial views on the subjects of rape, incest, children engaging in sexual activities with adults, etc. I found … Read more

  • The Pact

    If you’ve read my recent blog posts, you’ll know that I’ve been doing a 7-day ‘follow the joy’ exploration. As I went with the flow day after day, I found … Read more

  • Just f*cking let go

    Sometimes the solution is to just f*cking let go. Don’t analyze. Don’t reminisce. Don’t chew and chew until there’s nothing left to chew but you’re still chewing. Because you’ve gotten … Read more

  • Self-acceptance when you have a ‘special brain’

    Have patience with all things but first with yourself. Never confuse your mistakes with your value as a human being. You’re a perfectly valuable, creative, worthwhile person simply because you

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  • What’s your growth mindset reference experience?

    Back in school, Throwball used to be a huge deal. There were three houses – Chalukya, Hoysala, and Kakathiya. Every year, there would be two throwball tournaments between them – … Read more

  • Being more ‘you’

    It’s my quest this year and decade to start being more ‘me’. To understand what it means to be me, I’ve been taking a raw look at my thoughts, beliefs, … Read more

  • Becoming a woman of duality

    “Above all, be the heroine of your life, not the victim.”

    – Nora Ephron

    Recommended by a dear friend, I started watching Anne with an E on Netflix yesterday. It’s … Read more

  • The permission to prioritize yourself

    People say, “Oh you’re so selfish. You’re pleasing you.” And what they mean is “You should please me.” You’re selfish because you please you – and I’m not selfish because

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