Category: Beliefs

  • Week #45 – Intention

    I really enjoyed the experiment of setting 100+ intentions per day. I experimented with different ways of saying the intention, just to see if some ways landed better than others. … Read more

  • Week #40 – Integrity

    Keeping this value at the back of my mind simplifies things, for the most part, I found. How I should act in a particular scenario becomes clear because I don’t … Read more

  • Week 39 – Rest

    I got more rest this week than I have in the past several weeks (individually, not collectively haha). I slept for more than nine hours almost on a daily basis. … Read more

  • Week #34 – Closure

    What a week. It was successful beyond my imagination or definition. I got closure on the subject that’d been bothering me for weeks as well as closure on a couple … Read more

  • Week #33 – Resolve

    It’s interesting how these weeks sometimes pan out. I’ve done this weekly value exploration long enough now to really allow myself to sink into a value from day #1. Of … Read more

  • Week #31 and 32 – Wellness and Trust


    I was unwell during the week of wellness which was ironic. I had a particularly rough PMS followed by a particularly painful period which made a lot of my … Read more

  • Week #25 – Accountability

    The week was a success. My intention was to complete a specific, moderate-sized work project. I managed to do that a day in advance which made me feel great. What … Read more

  • All feelings are valid and you’re inherently worthy

    My friend Febin said something yesterday regarding parenting which really hit home. She said that when we raise kids, we think they are deserving of love but we don’t think … Read more

  • Week #6: Equanimity

    It was a beautiful week. There are no words to describe how beautiful. What’s more, I felt like I truly understood what it feels like to be equanimous. To be … Read more

  • Love for love’s own sake

    I’ve been thinking about love a lot lately. I recently finished listening to Susan Piver’s The Wisdom of the Broken Heart and am currently listening to Sharon Salzberg’s Real LoveRead more