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  • Day by Day Positivity

    A daily journal with prompts for Practicing Gratitude, Becoming Joyful, and Appreciating Life

    A beautifully designed, uplifting journal that helps you feel an overarching sense of gratitude, optimism,

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  • Shanti

    Shanti came to us when the Covid lockdown was relaxed in Bangalore. She was this emaciated woman in desperate need of work. She had a wild, desperate look in her … Read more

  • Orderly and Pell-mell

    Orderly and Pell-mell were neighbours in dwarfland. True to their names, Orderly was the most organized dwarf while Pell-mell was the most unplanned and untidy dwarf ever. All houses in … Read more

  • The old man and the little doggie

    The old man lived all by himself in a tiny house at the corner of the street. He had a smiley round face and walked with a slight limp. Whenever … Read more

  • Dia of Dacior – Part 4

    Dia didn’t sleep well that night. She tossed and turned, restless like the sea that churned miles behind the castle under the cloudy, starless sky.

    “I really want to be … Read more

  • Dia of Dacior – Part 3

    Daius had just got back from Abristan when he heard from his father that Reba of the Huba tribe had been chosen as Dacior’s representative in archery. As someone who … Read more

  • Dia of Dacior – Part 2

    Dacior was abuzz with excitement. Dacior was hosting the Septimus games after 70 years. The Septimus games were the most prestigious and competitive games held every 10 years between the … Read more

  • Two generations apart

    It was my grandma and granpa’s birthday in April and May respectively. Because of Covid, I wasn’t able to order a cake on their birthdays. On May 19th, … Read more

  • Dia of Dacior – Part 1

    Princess Dia was the daughter of King Siam and Queen Laina of Dacior. She had a brother, Darius, who was 10 years older than she. Queen Laina passed away when … Read more

  • Clever little Teddy!

    It was a clear bright summer night. The moon was full and cast a pearly sheen on the village of Girelock. Teddy, the brave little dwarf, very quietly left his … Read more