Category: Spiritual Growth

  • Week #40 – Integrity

    Keeping this value at the back of my mind simplifies things, for the most part, I found. How I should act in a particular scenario becomes clear because I don’t … Read more

  • Week #34 – Closure

    What a week. It was successful beyond my imagination or definition. I got closure on the subject that’d been bothering me for weeks as well as closure on a couple … Read more

  • Week #33 – Resolve

    It’s interesting how these weeks sometimes pan out. I’ve done this weekly value exploration long enough now to really allow myself to sink into a value from day #1. Of … Read more

  • Week #15 and #16 – Openheartedness and Ease

    I’m combining the updates for weeks #15 and #16.

    Week #15 was about openheartedness. It was a really heart-centered week given the value in focus. What I particularly liked about … Read more

  • Week #8: Compassion

    This particular value truly changed the way I related to myself and others. Every morning, I would journal for a bit and clarify how I could show compassion to myself … Read more

  • Week #7: Engagement

    The power of engagement is that it gives us a deeper, richer experience of life. With recent events highlighting the importance of this value in my life, I’m glad that … Read more

  • Week #6: Equanimity

    It was a beautiful week. There are no words to describe how beautiful. What’s more, I felt like I truly understood what it feels like to be equanimous. To be … Read more

  • Week #5: Authenticity

    Week 5 went better than expected. I’ve been feeling calmer and more optimistic, especially since Monday. That’s not to say that I didn’t have any emotional roller coasters; in fact, … Read more

  • Update: How The Year of Values exploration is going so far

    The exploration has been all that I thought it would be and more. I especially like how the value for each week chooses itself. By Thursday evening latest, the value … Read more

  • Love for love’s own sake

    I’ve been thinking about love a lot lately. I recently finished listening to Susan Piver’s The Wisdom of the Broken Heart and am currently listening to Sharon Salzberg’s Real LoveRead more