Tag: Purpose

  • How to avoid having split energy

    Have you heard of the phrase, “If you chase after two rabbits, you will catch none?”. When you chase after two things at the same time, you have split energy … Read more

  • The permission to obsess

    Every time I’ve had a major breakthrough in my life or met with massive success was when I obsessed over something. Whenever I allow myself to go deep into something … Read more

  • Being more ‘you’

    It’s my quest this year and decade to start being more ‘me’. To understand what it means to be me, I’ve been taking a raw look at my thoughts, beliefs, … Read more

  • We are more similar than different

    I watched the movie Arrival this afternoon which is about aliens who arrive on Earth and how the linguistic professor, Louise Banks, decodes their language to understand what they’re trying … Read more

  • Staying in a good place

    How often do you feel that you’re in a good place? Do you think that you naturally have a sunny disposition or do you find yourself mostly having a bleak … Read more

  • Inspire yourself every day

    I think it’s important to inspire yourself every day. You need to find a way to access that inner, higher, more expansive self. When you’re inspired, you’ll be the best … Read more

  • The song that is you

    I’m feeling strangely emotional as I write this. Maybe because it’s so close to my heart. Maybe because I’ve fallen prey to wanting to be anyone but me so many … Read more