Ranjana TN

Week #51 and 52 – Openness and Celebration

Week 51 (Dec 17th to 23rd) – Openness

The preceding weeks made me curious about exploring openness as a value. If I truly wanted to co-create with reality, I needed to have an openness toward what it presented to me. I do feel like reality playfully tested me to see if I truly meant what I was saying. A few things happened which would have usually made me frustrated but because I was in a different vibe, they didn’t bother me as much. For example, my phone fell into hot water and I had to buy a new one. The visa extension portal didn’t work which would mean extra work in Sri Lanka.

But because I had an open vibe, I got to become friends with some really cool people I met. Knowing that they were there helped me decide to head back to Sri Lanka for another couple of months. I was also able to reconnect with some old friends deeply during this time. I had more clarity about how I wanted the new year to unfold business-wise.

Week 52 (Dec 24th to 31st) – Celebration

I wanted to end this exploration on a high note. I was back in Sri Lanka after a gap of ten days, so every sunset on the beach, every moment spent relaxing on a sunbed reading a book, every conversation, every party, and every moment spent just soaking up the vibe of the town I was in felt like a celebration of life.

I thoroughly enjoyed the parties I attended and all the dancing I did too. It had been a while since I’d danced my legs off, so it was awesome to give expression to that part of me. I also appreciated all the amazing human beings I met and the friendships I forged! They were by no means a small part of the celebration. 😀


I’ll write another post summarising my takeaways from this exploration soon!