Week #49 and 50 – Adventure and Pleasure

Week 49 (Dec 3rd to Dec 9th) – Adventure

This fit perfectly with my (first) trip to Sri Lanka, for, it was such an adventure. Traveling the way I did without planning and allowing each day to lead me to the next destination made it even more of an adventure. I truly felt that I was co-creating it with life itself and it flowed in a fun and easy way. Going forward, I want all my trips to be this way. I might still have a broad plan in place but for the most part, I want to allow plenty of scope for spontaneity and inspiration.

Week 50 (Dec 10th to 16th) – Pleasure

I was enjoying myself so much on the trip that I decided to focus on pleasure as my value for this week. It was interesting to make pleasure itself the reason to do anything at all, mostly because we are not trained to think that way. We usually don’t do things because of the sheer pleasure of it. But there’s so much power in that. I found that it put me in an expansive, abundant mode – something that’s not accessible if we do things because that’s what we ‘should’ be doing.

I certainly had a lot of pleasure that week, in every sense of the word. My mind, body, heart, and spirit were all thoroughly pleased.

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