Ranjana TN

Week #27 – Focus

This was the right value to start Q3 with. Reminding myself of my quarterly goals every day helped me take action to create momentum in each of them. I set up systems and processes to help me stay on track. That makes me feel optimistic about achieving them.

Asking myself the question, “what’s my focus right now?” made me aware of my monkey mind more than anything else. I found myself actively removing distractions as the days wore on, such as removing certain apps from my phone that I was mindlessly checking multiple times a day. The question was also a great way to keep my focus on the priority tasks at any given point in time. I managed to get a lot done this week and that was a direct result of actively focusing on the stuff that needed to get done.

Week #28 – Fulfilment

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what makes for a successful life. The definition of success is highly subjective and personal to every individual, I’m aware. I’ve had to actively unlearn what I was conditioned to think success was. It’s been only about a year or so since I’ve consciously started looking into my own heart and soul to understand what would constitute success for me. One thing that’s become clear is that, for me, fulfilment is a core part of success. Fulfillment not in the sense of just fulfilment of desires, but in the sense of how Oxford dictionary defines it:

Satisfaction or happiness as a result of fully developing one’s potential.

I’d like to explore this more over the next seven days. I want to dig deeper into what fulfilment would look like for me. I’d journal daily for a few minutes about this. At the end of the journaling session, I’d like to ask myself, “what would make me feel fulfilled today?” and see what comes up.