Ranjana TN

Week #17: Compersion

It was an amazing week. I was surprised by how easy it was to feel compersion even if, at times, that wasn’t my initial reaction. It was fairly easy to go from a place of feeling a slightly negative emotion to compersion. Perhaps it helped that I never really felt any strong negative emotion in the first place; that would probably make things much harder. I can say with certainty that I was way happier this week practicing this value than the last several weeks.

Every night, I’d journal about how I practiced compersion that day. As the days wore on, I found the frequency increasing, which was heartening. I found it easy to keep this value at the back of my mind and found myself looking for opportunities to practice it. It helped that CGC registrations opened because reading other people’s introductions and their happiness at joining the club gave me plenty of opportunities to feel compersion for them.

One interesting insight I had a couple of days ago was that I could feel joy for another person by simply imagining them being joyful. I didn’t necessarily need to have a reason to feel happy for them. Synchronistically, I ended up doing a meditation using Headspace that day that involved visualising joy spreading through another person. I found my heart filling with joy as I imagined them feeling happy. Of course, it helped that the person I visualised is someone I’m really into, haha. Even so, it was wonderful to experience compersion that deeply and for no apparent reason.

I’ve decided to keep the value displayed on my table for another month. I’m not going to actively think about it but I want my subconscious to be exposed to it every day.

Value for week #18

I’d like to choose connection as the value for week #18. Since I’m going to be getting to know lots of new people in CGC, I thought it would be a great value to practice. My goal is to feel a sense of kinship with the people I come across; be it people I already know or those I’m just getting acquainted with.

I plan to connect with at least one person every day in a way that feels authentic and heart-centered. At the end of each day, I’ll journal about I practiced the value that day.