Ranjana TN

Week #12: Intensity

Yup, I got what I asked for. That was one intense week. I guess I should be happy that I survived.

In all honesty, I didn’t get many work-related projects done because things got pretty intense in other areas of my life. All in all, though, I feel like I got through the week well enough. I underestimated my physical state; I spent the last two days mostly sleeping my fatigue off after my infection got worse on Wednesday. I’m better for it, which is great although it seems that I’ll be on the antibiotics for another five days which is a bummer. I’ve also been processing a lot of things emotionally which was intense too. So there certainly was intensity all around.

My take-away was that my personality is pretty intense but perhaps it’s good to temper that intensity. It’s good to ease up in other areas when one area is already at max intensity. I do plan to have an intense week work-wise once I feel normal emotionally and physically.

Value for week #13

I’ve been feeling pretty uprooted and untethered. There have been too many changes in my life; familiar people seem to have zoomed out and unfamiliar people seem to have zoomed into focus. I wouldn’t peg the situation as good or bad, but it is destabilizing and disorienting. I feel like I’ve lost all semblance of normalcy in my life.

Given this is the state of my reality right now, I’d like to restore some normalcy and feel centered. I’ve decided to choose groundedness as my value for this week.

The definition of grounded according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary is: mentally and emotionally stableadmirably sensible, realistic, and unpretentious.

I don’t want to create any hard-and-fast rule for how I’d like to feel grounded. I intend to ask myself the question, “how can I feel grounded today?” at different times during the day and follow whatever comes up. Knowing myself, here are a few ways I might choose to feel grounded:

  1. Meditate for at least 10 minutes daily.
  2. Exercise for at least 20 minutes daily.
  3. Sleep as much as my body needs to feel refreshed.
  4. Connect with familiar people such as friends and family.
  5. Watch TV shows and movies I know and love.
  6. Read fiction for a while after getting into bed at night to give my mind the shut down it needs to get restful sleep.
  7. Walk around our small garden barefoot, connecting with the earth.

I also want to remind myself of my patterns and not get carried away by unrealistic expectations. This is for a particular ongoing situation and I want to make sure that I don’t get sucked back into the old ways that used to put me in an unstable and insecure position.

This morning, I had a long call with Allysia and it felt centering to connect with her one-on-one after a few weeks. Later, I spent some time walking around barefoot in our garden. I came back inside and lay on the couch in the living room, listening to the latest Amplify lesson. I felt like a deflated balloon and am sure I looked it too, with my left leg hanging off the side of the couch and my hands splayed over my head. I liked the zone of non-thought and just being. I plan to catch up on more sleep in the afternoon.

I like the feel of this week already. 😛