Ranjana TN

Reclamation of the divine feminine

I just got off a call with a friend who told me about a boudoir photoshoot she did recently. She said that it allowed her to see herself in a light she never had before. She was talking about how sensual and feminine she felt. It opened up a whole new realm for how she could operate in this world. She’s dressing differently, she’s seeing her strengths differently, she’s even working differently. She’s seeing herself as powerful but not in the way defined in a world defined by men for men.

I’m seeing a similar shift happening within me. I’m paying more attention to my femininity for my own sake. I’m setting greater store by my more feminine attributes. I express my femininity by the way I dress and look, by learning dance forms that are sensual and bring out the inherent femininity in me (Bachata and Salsa), by learning to tap into my feminine energy through specific forms of meditation and body-based practices. I see a similar shift happening with my other friends.

A movement is afoot – a reclamation of the divine feminine. Much will shift in our lifetime. I can’t wait to see how our world changes because of the whole new paradigm of womanhood that is emerging.