I will never marry a non-vegan

I will never marry a non-vegan. I’m too much of a vegan to be okay with having a partner who seems like an alien from the Andromeda galaxy.

Here is what I think:

“Spend the rest of my life with a person who eats stuff that I don’t even recognize as food? No thanks.”

Imagine that you were out on a romantic dinner date with someone. Everything is perfect. The ambiance, the music, the location. When the time comes to place the order, your date asks for a bowl of mud and some feces as a side. Disgusting, ain’t it? Also…bewildering. Something you can’t wrap your head around because…that just isn’t food! You’ll probably run outta there screaming ‘the horror, the horror’. Yup, that’s exactly how it is for me with anything that’s non-vegan. Animal carcasses, milk of a different species…it’s just not food. Plus, it’s downright disgusting.

“This person says he loves animals but he eats them. He seems to understand the cruelty that is the dairy industry but here he is, having no problem consuming it. What an effing hypocrite. Not to mention a spineless weakling. Either that or he’s severely addled in the head.”

When we say one thing and act in ways that don’t mesh with our words, it leads to deep cognitive dissonance. Misalignment and incongruence between values and actions undermine who we are as human beings. It’s also an unintelligent way of living.

All of life is sacred to me and I live by this. The person I choose as my life partner will be the same. I hold myself to high standards and so will my partner.

“He says he consumes animals for health reasons. Or because it’s inconvenient to live the life of a vegan. Or because his social circle will ridicule him. Or because he just doesn’t care. What an excuse-making, people-pleasing, spineless, lazy, self-serving bastard.”

No amount of reasoning warrants the killing of another animal. We live in the 21st century and the kind of access to food we have makes it possible to lead a compassionate life while catering to all our needs too. We are no longer what we were millennia ago so we can shove our excuses and reasons up our rear.

I’ve been a vegan for over 5 years now and all of the above ‘reasons’ haven’t stopped me from living a full life. When I see a man who’s a vegan, fit, doesn’t make stupid excuses, is compassionate, and stands by his values irrespective of what the ‘society’ says…well, I can’t tell you how sexy he is to me. That person is ‘my type’ and the one I will choose as my partner.


  1. Nithya and I read it together just now. And he says “I am THAT guy, but I’m taken”
    Loved the write up Ranjana. ❤️

    1. Haha, firstly, to me you’re the one who’s ‘taken’, dearest Shraddha. Secondly, yay to Nithya! We need more men like him. Thirdly,…does Nithya have any friends? I’m all ears!:D

  2. It’s as if you read my mind and put it into words

    “What an excuse-making, people-pleasing, spineless, lazy, self-serving bastard” This line sums up all the potential dates declines because they aren’t vegan. Made me chuckle!

    Absolutely loved reading it! Keep writing more, please!

    1. Thank you!<3 Yes, I will. Veganism is such a dear topic and way of living to the both of us...will express more of my opinions now that I've taken the baby steps and written the first post on the topic. 😀

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