Beauty (Poem)

Beauty is multi-faceted
In the mind and heart it's created
It's as much in the dark as it's in the light
It all depends on your sight

A lovely rose, a pretty spouse,
The lines of a funny prose
All are merry and gay -
And beautiful in their own way

The lines etched on an old face
The symphony of a mourning heart
Though come from a somber place
Are both of beauty a part

Beauty is the glance of the temptress
The meditation of the saint
The wrath of a tempest
The valour of heroes great

In the darkest night of the soul it can be found
In the menacing depths of the human mind
In the generosity of a kind stranger
And the warm embrace of a lover

It could be as much a boulder as a flower
Or a peaceful heart on a night moonlit
You see, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder
It's all about the way you see it

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