Ranjana TN

52 values exploration – takeaways

For starters, I am glad that I framed it as a value exploration (as opposed to a challenge). It truly was an exploration and the time frame for each value – one week – was just right. I feel like I’ve developed a sense of familiarity with the values and my value palette has become more robust and nuanced. What I mean by that is that I understand both the subtle and the overt differences and similarities between various values. That has, in turn, improved my value vocabulary at an intellectual as well as emotional level.

I loved how just holding a value at the back of my mind enabled me to embody it, at least to an extent. It was hard not to focus on being productive when I was thinking about the word ‘productive’ all day every day for a week. It was hard not to feel appreciative when I was practicing a vibe of appreciation. Goes to show how valuable and powerful intentions can be.

I also enjoyed looking at a value from various angles and playing on the word to practice it in different ways. For example, resolve could mean resolving an issue or being resolute. This helped me apply the value in several ways and it was way more fun than having just one, direct method of application.

To recap, here are the values I practiced:

  1. Punctuality
  2. Orderliness
  3. Vulnerability
  4. Grace
  5. Authenticity
  6. Equanimity
  7. Engagement
  8. Compassion
  9. Experimentation
  10. Curiosity
  11. Fun
  12. Intensity
  13. Groundedness
  14. Flow
  15. Openheartedness
  16. Ease
  17. Compersion
  18. Connection
  19. Harmony
  20. Satisfaction
  21. Commitment
  22. Appreciation
  23. Expansion
  24. Consistency
  25. Accountability
  26. Clarity
  27. Focus
  28. Fulfillment
  29. Action
  30. Decisiveness
  31. Wellness
  32. Trust
  33. Resolve
  34. Closure
  35. Pronoia
  36. Discipline
  37. Understanding
  38. Alignment
  39. Rest
  40. Integrity
  41. Strength
  42. Faith
  43. Imagination
  44. Motivation
  45. Intention
  46. Assurance
  47. Surrender
  48. Moxie
  49. Adventure
  50. Pleasure
  51. Openness
  52. Celebration

Here are my favourite ones and my one-line conclusions about each:

Curiosity – one of the best, if not the best, values for creating a low-pressure way of leaning into anything, especially something new or scary.

Appreciation – the quickest way to beat negativity of any form and see the beauty in life.

Compersion – shortcut to feeling successful and happy irrespective of my personal accomplishments and to feeling a sense of oneness with others

Pronoia – to finally understand that life is always on my side and I am, fundamentally, safe here. How beautiful is that state?

Alignment – to ensure that I am living in accordance with my internal compass

Moxie – meaningful to me in particular because it captures the essence of who Ranjana is

Adventure – because that’s what I want my life to be; one wild, beautiful adventure 🙂

This exploration helped me get a better understanding of what values matter to me. Some are already a part of who I am and some others need to still be integrated. I’m grateful that I decided to do this in a format that worked really well for me. I might go deeper into it at some point. I have toyed with the idea of doing an exploration of what I call ‘shadow values’ which is basically exploring (not necessarily though actively practicing) values that aren’t ‘positive’ or ‘lightworker’ on the surface such as anger, jealousy, cruelty, etc. I truly think that they hold just as much power and are just as important for growth. We’ll see where my adventures in growth take me. I do think shadow work is very much going to be part of my journey.:)


My word for 2022 is adventure and my plan is to live it quite literally by traveling to different places – something I haven’t really done until now, having spent almost all of my life in Bangalore. Nothing sparks my adventurous nature as traveling does. It started with eight weeks in Sri Lanka earlier this year. I’m headed to Bali in mid-June. I plan to let the path unfold and surf the wave. 😀

It’s going to be one wild, beautiful ride!